Customized Solutions

Customized solutions for high pressure cleaning

Technical solutions for controlling cleaning jets.
From the concept, to the turnkey equipment, to the operational support.

Customized Solutions

Die Triovent GmbH hat sich mit konsequentem Fokus auf innovative Entwicklungen als Partner von verschiedenen Industriedienstleister etabliert und bietet neben dem AUTOCLEAN System auch Sonderlösungen für alle möglichen Aufgabenstellungen an. Dabei begleiten wir Sie auch nach der Auslieferung weiter und sorgen dafür, dass beim Einsatz alles reibungslos läuft.We continue to support you after delivery and ensure that everything runs smoothly during operation.

Tube bundle heat exchangers

With AUTOCLEAN we have a modular system for the automated cleaning of tube bundle heat exchangers. If you need more than the standard machine, we will be happy to adapt it to your requirements, convert your existing machine or develop a completely new one for your application.


The Rotodrive is a hose rotation device with which long pipelines can be easily cleaned. The user can operate the machine from a distance. The development was commissioned by a customer. Further information: To Rotodrive Website

Cracked gas cooler manifold

A device for cleaning the elbow of a cracked gas cooler was constructed for a customer project. Due to the difficult accessibility, an alternative to cleaning with a hand-held cleaning tool was to be developed. The solution includes a positioning device for a rigid cleaning lance. The lance is driven by an air motor and the water jet oscillates and reaches all contaminated areas.

Krümmer Spaltgaskühler

Air Cooler

A device for semi-automatic cleaning of air coolers. For this purpose, a large surface must be covered. The solution consists of a permanently installed rail system and a movable cleaning beam. The motor-driven movement of the beam allows the exposure time of the water jet to be precisely adjusted. This makes it easy to achieve an optimal cleaning result with the lowest possible consumption of resources.


Boiler cleaning

Another example is the optimized boiler cleaning in power plants. Our solution allows a significant reduction of the necessary personnel and thus the number of entrances that are required. Due to a high degree of automation, cleaning can also be carried out more quickly and the cleaning result can be reproduced with every subsequent cleaning.